Feed Your Brain First – The Honey Revolution

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Book by Ron E Fessenden, MD, MPH

REDUCE STRESS * CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR * IMPROVE SLEEP EAT MORE HONEY! Since ancient times, honey has been known for its many healthful benefits, but what many don’t know is that honey is the GOLD-STANDARD of carbohydrates, producing more liver glycogen for brain fuel than any other food.

In Feed Your Brain First you will discover: ??? A sensible, easy to follow diet strategy that focuses on fueling the human brain as the first nutritional priority ??? The best foods for a hungry brain ??? How to keep the brain fuel reserve “topped off” throughout the day and at night ??? Why diets based on the “glycemic index or GI” are shortsighted and ignore the critical fuel requirements of the brain ??? Recipes and menus that maximize the amount of liver glycogen – the brain fuel reserve – from every meal and snack Follow the suggestions in Feed Your Brain First to reduce your risks for the conditions and diseases associated with the metabolic syndrome – obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. Read the stories of real people who discovered that conventional nutritional advice does not always guarantee good health. “Nutritional advice that we have believed to be true in our generation has produced more obesity, diabetes, and neuro-degenerative diseases than during any other time in the history of our nation.” Improve your health – join the HONEY REVOLUTION! TGBTGBOOKS.COM, LLC

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