Pollination Bloom

Howdy ya’ll and happy new year! Pollination season is about to begin any day now and I just shipped out Manmeat (aka my husband) a few days ago. This is the time of the year when most commercial beekeepers ship their hives out to California so that their busy little bees can pollinate the almond orchards. Beekeepers all over the nation load up their precious hives on flat bed semis and off they go to the land of fruits and nuts! Cal-i-for-ni-a!

Old Book and Candle

Hello December and hello to this awful frigid weather! Holy smokes is it cold here in Colorado! I guess it all plays into the holiday spirit but I can guarantee that come January and February I will become little miss grumpy pants and start complaining about the snow and cold temps.
This has been a busy month for me just as I’m sure everyone else is running around frantically. I was making a trip up to our Loveland warehouse and I was able to spend a couple of hours with my sweet Granny Louise. Oh she is the bee’s knees! Seriously! She is such a special little lady and I think everyone in my home town still knows her as “Granny”. Louise is now 92 years old and it’s so hard to believe. I still picture her packaging honey with me back at our old warehouse in Rocky Ford.

Surviving a Tonsillectomy with Honeystix

Well, I have some sweetness on my mind and I want to share! I recently had my tonsils taken out at the rightful age of 34.
I consider myself a pretty tough cookie with a high tolerance to pain. I think that’s a given when you get stung by honeybees for an entire lifetime right? Not to mention having three babies, playing sports all my life and working through some tough situations in the bee yards. Let’s just say I am good when it comes to having to tough it out. I was so hesitant on going through with a tonsillectomy but I knew that my health would be better in the long run. So I did it. I hated it. Absolutely awful. My doctor told me it would bring a grown man to his knees but somehow I thought I was different. WRONG!