Crystallized Clover 1lb Jar


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As you all know, raw honey never spoils! It does, however, crystallize which just means it slowly starts turning from a liquid to a solid. It’s actually a good sign that it is high quality honey. When this happens, it is still edible and tastes amazing! It might just be harder to use. You can either eat the honey if it’s crystallized or you can put it in a pan of warm water and slowly re-liquify the honey again. Because of this extra step we have discounted all of the crystallized honey we have! So take advantage if you don’t mind that extra step at home. It’s also great to store in your pantry for emergencies since it never goes bad! Did you know that Europeans actually prefer to eat honey when it’s in more of a solid crystallized state? To say the least, this honey is just as great and perfect to always have on hand!

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