Bee's Knees Granny Louise

Hello December and hello to this awful frigid weather! Holy smokes is it cold here in Colorado! I guess it all plays into the holiday spirit but I can guarantee that come January and February I will become little miss grumpy pants and start complaining about the snow and cold temps.

This has been a busy month for me just as I’m sure everyone else is running around frantically. I was making a trip up to our Loveland warehouse and I was able to spend a couple of hours with my sweet Granny Louise. Oh she is the bee’s knees! Seriously! She is such a special little lady and I think everyone in my home town still knows her as “Granny”. Louise is now 92 years old and it’s so hard to believe. I still picture her packaging honey with me back at our old warehouse in Rocky Ford.

Our beekeeping legacy stems from Granny’s side of the family. Her father was the first generation and then her husband carried it on from him. Granny and her husband than had 4 crazy boys (I know the feeling) and eventually all 4 boys at one time went into beekeeping as well.

So Granny Louise was raised around bees and honey all her life and she was always willing to lend a hand or bring us cherry limeades on our extracting days. She was my ride or die, my best friend growing up and just the sweetest soul you could ever imagine. We spent hours together working at the warehouse and even though most kids wanted to spend their summers playing with their friends I think I was fairly content working and hanging with good ol Gran!

I can’t wait to tell you some of the many stories about Granny as time goes by. She has lived through many ups and several downs but according to her it’s been such a sweet life. With every visit I pray that it’s not my last but I know my time with her is now numbered so I will cherish the seconds I have with her and reminisce about all our wonderful memories together. If you have a special grand parent in your life I suggest you call or visit as often as you can. Make sure they know they are loved and remind them how special they are! That’s all I have for tonight! I promise I will pick up speed with more posts, stories or recipes after the first of the year! Stay warm and cozy ya’ll!

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